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stuff mondays – earthyard essential oils

stuff mondays – earthyard essential oils


Here’s your chance to dab some lovely oils on your face.

Winter’s all fun and hot chocolate until it’s two months in and your epidermis is as cracked as a desert plain. Sadly, the combination of icy weather and indoor heating can be pretty harsh on our delicate mugs. But rather than slipping on a balaclava and patiently waiting for spring to return, you might like to treat your face to some lovely moisturising serum instead. That’s where local biz earthYARD comes in. They stocks heaps of plant and vegetable-based extracts (including native ingredients like Kakadu plum extract and eucalyptus oil), and they just so happen to be offering up three moisturising kits to frankie readers. Hurrah!

To get your paws on a pack for nix, pop over to our competitions page. Winners will receive a set containing avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil, peppermint oil, carrot seed oil and lemon oil, which can be combined using these special recipes or used as-is. Plus, since the earthYARD team are all about letting nature do its thing, they’ll cover the cost of you sending back plastic and aluminium packaging so everything can be recycled and kept away from landfill. Cheers to that!