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stuff mondays – dr. martens

stuff mondays – dr. martens


Behold, boots for a lifetime of awesomeness – and they might be all yours for the sweet, sweet price of zero dollars, should you enter our little competition.

Coolness is synonymous with Doc Martens boots, as we all know from life in general, and also our recent online expedition into the history of said boots. Originating in Germany after 25-year-old soldier Klaus Märtens found his regular boots a tad too uncomfortable while recovering from a foot injury, and then manufactured in Britain from 1960 onwards, the clophoppers have since been adopted by myriad troops of cool cats – from punks to grungy types to our personal god, Daria.

The thing is that every time someone dons a pair of the super-tough leather boots, the coolness of Docs is reinvented all over again. No doubt when we’re in our twilight years, kids’ll still be making them look rad in their own particular way – as might we. There’s no reason geriatrics can’t slip their tootsies into a pair of Docs. Indeed, we reckon all sorts should get into them. And if you’d like to get into a pair of the 1460 Smooth Original boots in black for the sweet, sweet price of zero dollars, then might we suggest you shoot through your details along with your shoe size? Because we’ve got three pairs to give away. With a little luck, you just might find a postie delivering a pair of the classic boots to your door rather soon. Best of luck, friends.