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sour cherry and shiraz brownies

sour cherry and shiraz brownies


Gooey, chocolate-y goodness, but make it fancy.

You know a dessert’s going to be hella good when it involves chocolate and booze. It’s just science. Tilly Pamment’s recipe for sour cherry and shiraz brownies is so dangerously delicious that it should probably be illegal (or at least regulated – who’s going to stop us from eating an entire batch at once?!). Simply soak some dried sour cherries in wine, add them to your favourite brownie mixture and voila! You now have a very tasty, fancy treat (just don't come for us when you inevitably find yourself lying on the floor, slightly giddy and surrounded by crumbs, please). 

To accompany you while you embark on your next culinary quest, we’ve cooked up some lovely kitchen merch, including three colourful tea towels and a flower-power apron. The designs are pulled straight from the pages of the frankie 2022 diary, which is full of vintage kitchen-inspired artwork by Pilgrim Hodgson. Find the lot over at the frankie shop.