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romancing the skull art exhibition

romancing the skull art exhibition


In the quaint little township of Ballarat in Victoria, an art exhibition dedicated to skulls and skeletons is about to open.

Dances of death, pirate flags, poison bottles – all this and more await your eyeballs at Romancing the Skull in Ballarat, Victoria. The art exhibition, which is primarily focused on skulls and skeletons, but also takes a sideways glance at various historic imagery of death, looks like quite the colourful treat. More than 20 prints by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada (long associated with the Day of the Dead) will be exhibited to Aussie audiences for the first time, plus stacks of artworks from local folks, including Sam Jinks, Rona Green and Ben Quilty.

Want to attend? Then get your skull-loving butt to the Art Gallery of Ballarat (located at 40 Lydiard Street North) between Saturday October 14th (aka tomorrow) and Sunday Januray 28th. Oh, and here’s a nice touch: anyone with a skull tattoo gets discounted entry! More info over here.

Works pictured: Vanitas 2 The Twitcher by Louise Saxton (above), The appearance by Meg Williams (below).