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recipe journals filled with dishes from top-notch restaurants

recipe journals filled with dishes from top-notch restaurants


Cartilage is an illustrated recipe journal supporting local eateries and venues doing it tough.

If you spent your pre-pandemic weekends eating out like it was a competitive sport, we don’t blame you for feeling a little glum at the current state of the world. Dining out feels increasingly uneasy these days (and it’s off the cards for Melburnians all together). So, if you’ve maxed out your take-out budget and feel like whipping up some restaurant-worthy meals at home, do yourself a favour and stop by Cartilage.

Illustrator Anna Vu, writer and former cook David Matthews, along with animator James Lark have nabbed some delightful recipes from A+ eateries across Sydney and Melbourne and compiled them into downloadable journals. Each edition contains four full recipes (plus a bonus small one) and will set you back $15, with $10 from each sale going directly to the restaurant. So far, the team has collated tasty recipes from the likes of Mary’s, Sunda, Capitano, Embla and plenty more. Feeling peckish yet? You’ll find the whole menu over here.

Hartsyard peppers

Sunda squid noodles