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rad gift packs for mates who love a cuppa

rad gift packs for mates who love a cuppa


Some rather clever tea-themed ideas for your holiday gift list.

We’re happy to make the sweeping generalisation that everyone loves tea (or at least everyone around these parts). A cosy cuppa goes a long way, whether you’re stressed, tired, ready to work, or keen to get cosy with a book and a plate of bikkies (our preferred tea-sipping activity). There’s a lovely, leafy brew for every occasion and every type of tea-drinker: the caffeine-lover, the hippie herbalist or the sweet-tooth sipper. And Australians absolutely love the stuff; 50 per cent of us drink at least one cup of tea every week. So what pressie do you get for someone living in a nation full of tea enthusiasts? Tea, of course! 

Though there’s nothing wrong with your garden variety cuppa, it’s nice, now and then, to gift your loved ones something a tad more special. Enter the folks at Melbourne-born tea-sellers T2, who got their start in Fitzroy way back in the '90s. They now whip up every style of brew from English breakfast to the scrummy-sounding Sticky Date Delight tea (we’ll take 10,000 of those please). 

If you’re a bit overwhelmed, let us point you in the direction of their handy-dandy tea gift ideas. They sell ready-made gift packs, as well as tea subscriptions and tea-related accessories (think strainers, bottles and flasks). You can curate customised sets or pick out a pack for the animal-lover in your life (seriously, they’ve got one for dog-parents). 

We’re quite partial to the icon storage tins, which are decorated with fun illustrations, named for Australian cities, and can be re-used to store teabags for yonks. There’s also a T2 advent calendar for folks who need 24 days worth of cuppas this Christmas. 

If this sounds like the kinda stuff you’d like to gift your mates (or yourself), pop on the kettle and get comfy, because you could spend hours perusing the tasty, super-hydrating goodies over at T2’s website. Happy sipping!