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niyya multi-purpose prayer mats

niyya multi-purpose prayer mats


Product designer Myhra Mirza has come up with a mat that's use extends from prayer to beach picnic and winter shawl.

Cool things happen when you think outside the box. American product designer Myhra Mirza’s brainwave begun right before a holiday – she needed a portable prayer mat but upon looking, saw that her options were rather limited. When she set out to make a mat that suited her lifestyle, she realised its use could be expanded to folks who aren’t of the Muslim faith. Two years later, she launched Niyya – a collection of cotton prayer mats that hark back to traditional designs but which can also be used outside of a religious context, whether that's at the beach or worn as a shawl. The hope? That a well-designed item can offer a bridge between two worlds.

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