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more wallpapers from look what we made

more wallpapers from look what we made


Ditch that default wallpaper for some pics of the prettier kind.

Hurrah for non-boring backgrounds! Here are another three wallpapers from our lush new coffee table book, Look What We Made, available for your downloading pleasure (check out our first batch of wallpapers over this-a-way). From the top, we’ve got Sam Seary and Nick Caris’ leadlight delights, the painterly brilliance of Carla McRae and Renee Melia’s shrink plastic pins – all available in both desktop and mobile formats.

Oh, and if you want to treat your eyeballs to even more nice handmade stuff, be sure to have a squiz at Look What We Made. It’s chock-full of stories and snaps about Aussie makers making nice stuff.