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minnie and me’s removable wallpaper

minnie and me’s removable wallpaper


Pretty prints galore.

Wallpaper used to be a serious commitment. If you chose to cover your walls in one particular pattern, you'd be stuck with it for a good couple of decades. Painting over it wasn't possible, and pulling it down was a royal pain in the butt. And so there you'd be, surrounded by whatever regrettable decorating choice you made in the ’90s. 

Thankfully, we've made it to the era of removable wallpaper. Take these delightful retro and painterly designs from Minnie & Me Interiors, for example. Easy to whack on, and even easier to pull off, they're a dream for design-savvy renters. Minnie & Me originally began to help parents decorate their bub's nursery, but has grown to stock plenty of lovely wallpapers (for grown-ups and little ones alike). Check out the full range over 
here or peep the label’s Insta for some top-notch inspo.