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mini lemon meringue tarts

mini lemon meringue tarts


Bake yourself a dozen (or more) of these bite-sized, citrus-y treats.

Cupcakes had a big moment in the aughties, as anyone who’s made the trek to New York City’s Magnolia Bakery will tell you. But have you tried tiny tarts? They’re just as scrummy as their cakey counterparts, and their handy size means you can pop one, two or seven in your mouth when you need a quick sugar hit.

If your sweet tooth tends to lean a little sour, add these mini lemon meringue tarts to your baking repertoire. Caroline, over at Pinch Me, I’m Eating, says you can start making these tiny treats days ahead, starting with the tart shells and the lemon curd, then combining them whenever you want. Plus, they only take a whopping four minutes in the oven! If you’re not keen on meringue, Caroline suggests swapping it with some fresh berries instead. Delish. Pop over here for the full recipe.