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lovely illustrations from sujin kim

lovely illustrations from sujin kim


The perfect balance between relatability and the absurd.

Every now and then an artist comes along and manages to perfectly illustrate our innermost thoughts, in the best way. Sujin Kim is the latest with her colourful, playful illustrations. We love the balance of relatability with the absurd (check out ‘Our Partnership’, her human and dog gymnast duo). The simplicity of primarily black marker with bursts of primary colour make scrolling through her Insta a pure delight (who doesn’t enjoy a good banana smiley face?), and be sure to peep her Cargo Collective site for gifs! Just keep your voice down if you’re in a public place - or at least try to whisper the inevitable 'same's.

sujin kim body 0

sujin kim body 1

sujin kim body 2

sujin kim body 3

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