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long list – eco-friendly stuff for the home

long list – eco-friendly stuff for the home


A whole bunch of nifty stuff to help you cut back on waste (and save some moolah in the process).

Not too long ago, people were standing at supermarket checkouts demanding plastic bags. Now most of us swear by our reusable coffee cups and always keep a spare shopping tote handy. We’ve come a long way, pals, but as always, we could probably do one better by the environment. Below, you’ll find a bunch of products to help you live a more eco-friendly home life (you may even save some moolah in the process).

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1. Mums are always telling us to take our make-up off before bed, but they didn’t say we had to do it with one-use cotton pads. Nab yourself a reusable face washer, like this lovely Rosella-adorned cloth from The Linen Press and treat your mug to some gentle exfoliation. (Bonus points to The Linen Press for being a carbon-neutral business, too.) rrp $10

2. Toss out a plastic dish scrubber and it’ll take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. Seed & Sprout’s dish brush, on the other hand? It’s made with a bamboo handle and plant-fibre bristles so you can safely chuck it in the compost when it’s all worn out. rrp $12

3. We've become so reliant on plastic packaging, we've forgotten we don't even need it half the time. This plastic-free shampoo bar from Seed & Sprout will get you through roughly 100 washes, for $19.

4. Big Bite Eco have thunk up a range of super-handy linen produce bags so you can keep your loose veggies separated during the weekly shop. There are even categories printed on the front, so you know exactly where to find your herbs and veggies once they’re stowed away in the fridge. rrp $8


1. Quitting cling wrap is miles easier when you have beeswax wraps on hand. And it just so happens that Wrappa makes some heckin’ cute styles. rrp $20 

2. The idea of reusable cotton buds might seem a bit icky at first, but it’s hard to argue against them when you learn that single-use plastic buds are polluting our oceans and choking marine life. LastSwab’s cotton buds can be used again and again, and they come in a sweet protective case, to boot. rrp $20

3. Big Little Brush’s bamboo toothbrushes will keep your teeth spick and span and take just a year to break down in landfill. That’s quite an achievement. Profits from each sale also go towards funding health programs in remote Indigenous communities, which is pretty ace. rrp $26 for a pack of four


1. If knowing your toilet brush won’t outlive you once it’s binned makes cleaning the dunny slightly less painful, direct your peepers towards Paper Plane’s beechwood and natural fibre brush. rrp $95

2. Here’s a nifty tool for keen cooks: these silicone oven mats by Big Bite Eco can be used on baking trays in place of foil or baking paper. Once you’re done, give ‘em a soapy wash and they’ll be good as new. $26 for a set of two.

3. If you’re a regular period-haver who’s tired of spending a small fortune on sanitary products, you might appreciate hannahpad’s reusable fabric pads, which are heaps better for the environment (not to mention, rather lovely-looking). Prices start from $12.95.

4. There’s a different kind of reusable straw out there for everyone. These mint-green sippers from Seed & Sprout are made from flexible silicone, so they're especially suitable for little ones. rrp $15 for a set of five


12. There are a few things to consider if you’d like to make laundry day a little more eco-friendly: you could wash your clothes less, invest in a microfibre bag, and last but not least, opt for a natural laundry liquid. These soapy suds from Koala Eco will keep your duds fresh without sending any chemical nasties down the drain (it’s also safe for grey water run-off). rrp $29.95 

13. These compostable poop bags come with a sweet pouch to clip onto your pooch’s lead so you don’t get caught out mid-walk. rrp $20 from Toko Eco.

14. Boring but essential: these Biome corn-starch bin liners are sturdy enough to hold all your scraps, and unlike their plastic cousins, will break down in 10 to 45 days once tossed. rrp $5.95 for 25 bags

15. This sleek thing? Why, it’s a compost bin by Seed & Sprout, which you can keep on your kitchen counter without fear of any funky smells. Hoorah! rrp $65