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lazy oaf x daria

lazy oaf x daria


It’s a sick, sad world (but at least there’s a Daria clothing range out there).

Stop whatever you’re doing – Lazy Oaf has released an official Daria clothing range, and it’s just as perfectly misanthropic as you’d imagined.  While we’re pretty sure Daria would have had a thing or two to say about a brand using her teenage cynicism to sell t-shirts, there is clearly a legion of fans (us included) that just want to get our hands on some merch.

Speaking of which, there’s some ace stuff on offer, including an “I Hate Everybody” cardigan and “Sick Sad World” jacket that’ll protect you from energy-sapping Quinns of the world. Check out the full range over on the Lazy Oaf website.

daria body 2 lazy oaf

daria body 1 lazy oaf

daria body04 lazy oaf