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issue 102 is here!

issue 102 is here!


Time to do a happy jig – a new issue of frankie has arrived!

Oh, issue 102. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love you for your beaut collage cover created by Melbourne artist Alice Lindstrom. We love you for the bonus extras tucked away inside, including lovely stick-on bookplates, a poster splashed with cosy drink recipes, and a happy-making art print to jazz up your wall. We love you for the fascinating folks you introduce us to, like the lady with a salon for textured hair, the Tamil-Canadian teen making it big on Netflix, the ever-inspiring frankie Good Stuff judges, and the gaggle of rad local fiction authors. We love you for teaching us cool things, too, like how to build our family tree or hang a picture, and the fact modern-day umbrellas descended from peacock feathers. We love you for making us laugh, cry, ooh and ahh, and for being such darn great company. (And yes, we realise it might be a bit weird to write a love letter to a magazine we made, but we’re kinda proud of it, OK? Just let us have this.)

Check out this inclusive hair salon with a focus on curly, coily and textured tresses.WALKING IN A NEON WONDERLAND
We’d quite like to live in this neon-lit, bayside abode, if we're being honest.THE BOOKISH TYPES
Meet (and learn a few things from) some of Australia’s newest fiction authors. FAIRLY ODD PAINTINGS
Brazilian fellow Rafael Silveira makes art that explores our surreal inner lives.
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 Issue 102 should hit stores in New Zealand on July 5th, 2021. Ask your local stockist if it's not on shelves then.

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