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how to fold a fitted sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet


No swears or arm-pretzeling required.

Look, we haven’t done any official research, but it’s safe to say most of us have pulled a fitted bed sheet off the line, attempted some form of linen origami for a while, then given up on creating any semblance of order, rolling it into a slapdash sheet sausage instead.

But you know what? Folding a fitted sheet needn’t be an exasperating ordeal. Just follow the instructions below and you’re on your way to a neat and tidy linen press.

1. Lay your clean, dry fitted sheet flat on a large surface, like a bed, with the elastic facing up towards the ceiling. Turn the bottom two corners inside out, so they face towards the top of the sheet.

how to fold a fitted sheet step 1 frankie

2. Tuck the bottom corners into the top two corners, making sure all the seams line up nicely together.

how to fold a fitted sheet step 2 frankie

3. Flatten out the corners and edges to make a neat, straight rectangle. (You could even pull out the iron at this point and do a proper press around the sides, if you’re particularly hung up on your linen cupboard being lump-free.)

how to fold a fitted sheet step 3 frankie

4. Fold your fitted sheet in half from left to right (or right to left – live a little!), making sure to hide the elastic away. Fold in half again, and again, until you have an easy-to-store square. Pop it in with the rest of your linen and call it a productive laundry day.

how to fold a fitted sheet step 4 frankie

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