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house on a hill

house on a hill


What is this? A house for ants? (No, merely a quirky dish for things like nuts and cereal.)

We’d like to think a family of Borrower-sized folks lives in the little house on top of this La Maison Inondée bowl, designed by New York lad Patrick Martinez. Every time it’s filled with cereal and a waterfall of milk, or a cascade of salty mixed nuts, they’d wonder at the benevolent deity who always giveth, and the gluttonous giant who taketh away. (And with a bit of luck they’d manage to evacuate before their house is plunged into the dishwasher.) The bowl can be found at Coming Soon New York, if you dig it. If not, spare a thought for the pint-sized chums inside who are about to go very hungry. That sure would be a shame.

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