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happy stuff from noii noii

happy stuff from noii noii


This uber-sweet shop is filled to the brim with quirky, original accessories.

There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering cute, one-off trinkets while you’re travelling. On the flip side, there’s nothing more bothersome than discovering the cool thing your friend is sporting came from some hard-to-find boutique in a foreign country. Thankfully it’s 2020 and if you put your internet sleuthing skills to good use, chancing upon special items from small makers around the globe isn’t so hard anymore.

That brings us to Noii Noii, an uber-sweet shop based in Taiwan, filled to the brim with quirky, original accessories like ceramic plates, earrings, notepads and more. In a past life, you may have struggled to get your mitts on their cheery, cartoonish objects. Not so in the era of online shopping. Head here to see more.