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hand-shaped soaps

hand-shaped soaps


Pretty handy.

Need a hand in the bathroom? These tiny soaps should do the trick. Only problem is they’re so darn sweet – almost too sweet to use to clean the muck off our own grubby mitts. Good thing then that makers Marie and David sell them in sets of eight, otherwise we’d probably just keep them on display (although that isn’t a bad option either).

The handcrafted soaps don’t just look swell; word has it they smell pretty delicious too, emitting a light oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance, so you can get clean, then go about your business smelling like a scrummy breakfast treat. Head this way to check out more of the Indiana-based crafters’ stuff, or pick up a set of soapy paws for yourself.

This handy story was originally published on October 8, 2016.