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great job! with sheena chundee

great job! with sheena chundee


We talk scary career 180s with the professional dancer, business owner and sound engineer. 

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Sometimes we get the opportunity to ask our creative heroes the big questions: what do they have for breakfast? What’s their favourite dance move? How do they beat self-doubt? And most importantly: how do we get their job?

In our new podcast series, Great Job!, we teamed up with MYOB to pick the brains of four admirable ladies killing it in their respective fields. If you’re in need of some inspiration, business realness and sisterly advice from women who’ve ‘been there’, but are still working on it, you might just like to give it a whirl.

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In this episode of Great Job!, we sit down with Sheena Chundee, a woman well acquainted with scary career 180s. Sheena is a professional dancer and choreographer, business owner, sound engineer and total metalhead who has been known to run ballet classes at breweries. In other words, she's very impressive.

Tune in to find out why Sheena is passionate about making the arts more accessible; what being your own boss lady entails; and what advice to ignore if you want a creative job.

You can find more Great Job! episodes wherever you normally get your podcasts, or click below to listen online. 

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