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gourmet grub for when you're flat out

gourmet grub for when you're flat out


Get some yummy ready-made meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

When you’re a kid, being a grown-up sounds amazing, especially when it comes to food. You think: adults can eat whatever they want, whenever they want — Vegemite on toast for dinner, dessert for breakfast or chippies all day long. But grown-ups know that the freedom to shop and cook for yourself isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. There are days when supermarket shopping is stressful-as, and cooking after a full day’s work is the last thing you want to do (we’d rather catch up on our knitting, binge-watching, doom-scrolling or mag reading, thanks). 

What most adults need is a little help, or at least someone to make the whole dang process of nourishing our bods a little less daunting. Enter the folks at Chefgood, a meal delivery service run by ridgy-didge chefs. Founded by Melbourne foodies who thought the ready-made meal industry was feeling a bit ‘blah’, Chefgood prepares meals in their Melbourne kitchen and sends them out to abodes around Australia (don’t worry; they’re kept fresh in ice packs).

The friendly subscription system works like this: order a bunch of scrummy-sounding meals and have them delivered to your home from Saturday to Tuesday. You can switch up your meal plans — or cancel the whole shebang — anytime up to Chefgood’s cut off on Wednesday. You can also choose meal plans to suit your specific dietary requirements, cravings and overall needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, low carb and high protein meal plans. Folks can also choose from no added dairy and no added gluten meal plans (FYI, those aren’t suitable for coeliacs).

Plus, they’ve got a pretty rad team of chefs in their Guest Chef Series, including Reynold Poernomo, owner of KOI Dessert Bar and Monkey’s Corner in Sydney and Shannon Martinez, the clever lass behind Melbourne institution Smith & Daughters.

If you reckon you’d like to spend less time worrying about what to cook for dinner and more time hanging out with your family, mates or furry pals, pop over to Chefgood to learn more.

This post was made with the help of Chefgood.