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giveaway – fairtrade goodies

giveaway – fairtrade goodies


It’s your lucky day, folks – we’re giving away prize packs filled with tea, chocolate and coffee!

Choccie, tea and coffee are three of the best things in life, and it just so happens that we’ve got a whole bunch up for grabs. To make things even sweeter, all of these goodies are Fairtrade-certified, meaning everyone along the supply chain was paid well and treated fairly. (If you’re curious to know more, we had a good ol’ chinwag with three female business-owners about addressing the global gender gap through their Fairtrade enterprise.)

We have 10 prize packs to give away all up, each containing the following:
3 x packs of Eloments tea
3 x Bennetto chocolate bars
1 x 250g pack of Montville coffee

To be in the running, send off your deets over this-a-way and cross your fingers nice and tight. Bonne chance!