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get fancy: '60s mod eye

get fancy: '60s mod eye


There are many variations on the '60s mod eye look – here's one way you can pull it off and experiment to suit your own eye shape and style.

It's the monochrome of makeup. It's like graphic design for your face. Be bold and try this 1960s look with a pale lip, a colour-block shift dress and a pair of white go-go boots. Or, like our wonderful model, Ella Hooper - a groovy black and white patterned shirt for everyday wear. There are many variations on the '60s mod eye look – here's one way you can pull it off and experiment to suit your own eye shape and style.



small eye shadow brush
large eye shadow brush
white/pale eye shadow
black/dark eye shadow
black liquid eyeliner
black mascara


false lashes
white eyeliner
black pencil eyeliner



1. Apply the white/pale eye shadow with the large eye shadow brush all over the eyelid – all the way up to the crease line, all the way into the inner corners of the eye and slightly extended past the outer corners. You can layer the eye shadow if you wish to make a heavier or more opaque look.


2. Take the small eye shadow brush and dark/black eye shadow and apply a curved thin line along (or just above) the natural crease line. The line can be left defined or you can blend it a little bit to soften the look. The line can be taken to the outer corner to connect with the end of the lash line, or left sitting above the corner – separated from it altogether.


3. Paint a black line along the top lash bed with liquid liner. You can stop at the outer corner or extend it out to be more of a winged eyeliner look. Paint the liner into sharp points in the inner corners.


4. Paint another black line with the liquid eyeliner along the bottom lash line. Start from just below the inner corner lashes, then curve your line upwards and along the actual roots, all the way to the outer corner. For this step you can use black eyeliner pencil instead – it's tricky painting liquid eyeliner along the bottom, so pencil can make it a bit easier and be smudged to create a softer look.


5. Liberally apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.


OPTIONAL STEP: If you are going to a party you may like to add the following extra steps to amp up the look and create a wee bit more of a '60s costume vibe.

6. Apply false lashes, then use white eyeliner along the bottom inner rim of the eye. This widens the eye, making it appear bigger.


7. Add a little more black eye shadow with the small eye shadow brush. This will blend and soften the look, intensifying the shape and darkness. You can blend the eye shadow on the bottom lash line, too, or keep it clean and defined.


8. A cute beauty spot finishes off the look beautifully. If you are really confident you can try adding a tiny star to the cheekbone or thin painted-on lashes coming out from the bottom lash line.


The pretty piccies of musical lady Ella Hooper were snapped by Natalie Jeffcott. Words are by Dana Leviston.