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frozen palomas

frozen palomas


Ring in the New Year with this frosty bev.

As the year comes to a close, it’s natural for us to reflect on times from the past and ponder how we can use that wisdom moving forward. Naturally, this segues perfectly to frozen paloma cocktails (don’t ask how. It just does). The paloma is the perfect summer drink: refreshing, fruity, with a kick of lime citrus. Thankfully, Sarah from Broma Bakery has taken it up a notch and turned it into a cocktail slushie. It’s the best beverage for impressing your pals because it looks amazing and is surprisingly simple to make (see for yourself over here). Oh, and no need to rob a 7/11 for their slushie machine, just grab your blender and you’re good to go. See ya never 2021, it’s time to celebrate.

To accompany you while you embark on your next culinary quest, we’ve cooked up some lovely kitchen merch, including three colourful tea towels and a flower-power apron. The designs are pulled straight from the pages of the frankie 2022 diary, which is full of vintage kitchen-inspired artwork by Pilgrim Hodgson. Find the lot over at the frankie shop.