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frankie fodder: strawberry and basil no-churn ice-cream

frankie fodder: strawberry and basil no-churn ice-cream


Sweet treats don’t get much simpler (or drool-inducing) than this.

Strawberry and basil are the best of summer friends. The fruity herby-ness of the pairing is perfection in cocktails, salads and, like you see right here, ice-cream. This no-churn ice-cream comes together in minutes and will be waiting for you in your freezer six or so hours later – no fancy ice-cream maker required!

strawberry no churn 1


600ml thickened cream
395g sweetened condensed milk
300g strawberries, hulled
10 basil leaves

strawberry no churn 2


1. Place strawberries and basil in a blender and blend until smooth.

2. Pass mixture through a fine sieve to remove seeds, then set aside

strawberry no churn 3

3. Place cream in the bowl of an electric mixer (or you could use a hand mixer) and beat on a medium speed until soft peaks form.

strawberry no churn 4

4. Fold through half of the sweetened condensed milk, followed by half of the strawberry basil puree.

strawberry no churn 5

5. Repeat with the remaining sweetened condensed milk.

6. Add half of the remaining puree and fold through, leaving swirls throughout the mixture.

7. Pour it all into a 1 litre capacity container. Top with the remaining puree, swirling it through with a spoon.

strawberry no churn 6

8. Freeze covered for six hours or overnight. The ice-cream will last about a week.

strawberry no churn 7

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