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frankie exclusive diy: fried egg earrings

frankie exclusive diy: fried egg earrings


Turn a humble pair of op shop earrings into a trusty breakfast food.

Fried eggs are one of the scrummiest and most effective hangover cures. So why not wear a little egg on your face, in tribute to this trusty breakfast food?

fried earrings 5


pair of round flat earrings (preferably metal)
2 flat metal buttons
white spray paint
yellow spray paint
hot glue gun and glue (or other suitable adhesive)
paper to protect spray paint area

egg earrings supplies


1. Using pliers, remove loops from the back of some metal buttons.

fried earrings 1

2. Spraypaint the earrings white and buttons yellow. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for recommended drying and re-spray times. You may need a few light coats.

fried earrings 2

3. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, glue the yellow button onto the white base. Place them slightly off centre to replicate a fried egg. Then pop on your lobes and prepare to make people curiously hungry everywhere you go. 

fried earrings 3

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