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frankie christmas wishlist – sophie kalagas

frankie christmas wishlist – sophie kalagas


You can count on frankie's editor to pick out a spiffy pressie.

Ooh! What do we have here? It's a rad round-up of gifts suggested by our editor Sophie Kalagas! Sophie knows a thing or two about sourcing delightful stocking stuffers, so if you'd like to impress your mates, keep scrolling.

Clockwise from top-left:

1. If 2020 has achieved anything, it’s made me even more house-proud than I was before – and extra-appreciative of a cute, inviting, comfy bed. I love that these pillowcases from Sage x Clare have a vintage-inspired vibe, like you’re somehow going to sleep in the 1970s.

2. Having flowers around my house makes me super-happy, but watching them wilt and die a floral death isn’t fun at all. I love how this Hydrangea Ranger pressed-flower sun-catcher freezes the blooms in their prime. 

3. How cool is this planter from Spanish maker Mari Masot? It can be stacked to form one tall work of art or separated into two smaller homes for your plants. Plus, that avocado-y colour is gosh-darn delightful.

4. Lockdowns may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give jigsaw puzzles the heave-ho. As a puzzler from way back and a lover of all things retro and kitsch, I’d love to get my mitts on this bingo night design from US brand Piecework

5. Somewhere along the line I reached an age where I get really excited about linen napkin sets. Not that it’s a bad thing – who wouldn’t want to wipe grub off their chin with biscuit-inspired checks?

6. I’ve been thoroughly neglecting the ‘slap’ part of ‘slip, slop, slap’ in recent years, all because I’ve convinced myself I ‘don’t have a head for hats’. But you know what? Any head is a head for hats, and it would be hard to look bad in this collapsible, pleated beauty from Lorna Murray.

7. Sometimes you’ve just got to stick your metaphorical fingers in your ears and sing “LA, LA, LA, I’M NOT LISTENING” for a while. Thanks to Nicola Rowlands you can do that while smelling like soothing lavender. 

8. I’m really digging the city-gal-spends-a-weekend-on-the-farm vibes in the latest range of threads from Olli Ella. It’s drapey, it’s rustic, and quite frankly, I’d like to dress myself in it from head to toe.

9. Oh man, I think I gasped the first time I saw these shoes from Kuwaii. The perfect height platform; the wide, comfy straps; the terracotta hue; and made in Melbourne – what’s not to love? I’d enjoy strutting around town that much more with these on my feet.

10: Not only does this massive tote feature a play on words (which is all I look for in an accessory), it’s also made by Petites Mains in Montreal: an organisation providing training and employment for women in need. The good just keeps on coming!

11. A side effect of loving cut flowers in your house is running out of vases at an alarming rate. This beauty is made in Adelaide from hand-blown glass, plus it just so happens to be my favourite colour. Maybe it’s fate?