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frankie christmas wishlist – shannon jenkins

frankie christmas wishlist – shannon jenkins


Our assistant editor is dreaming of mats, hats and… ghosts?

I’ll be honest – I haven’t had to collate a Christmas wishlist since I was a wee lass writing letters to old mate Santa, so coming up with this round-up of gifts was a difficult task (it involved a few hours of head-scratching while perusing the internet). But, I reckon that if any family member or friend happened to get me one of these lovely items (wink, wink), I’d be more than chuffed. Stay tuned for more Chrissie wishlists from the frankie team in the coming weeks.

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete? Oh – don’t mind me, I’m just imagining myself living out my mermaid dreams by owning this Los Objetos Decorativos seashell vase.

2. Why hang a photo of your own family on your wall when you can have a family of leisurely spooks instead? This painting on a found photo, by US artist Angela Deane, is downright adorable.

3. The return of noughties trends is a double-edged sword. With every pair of wretched low-rise jeans comes a super-cute baby tee. I’ll take this summery one by Emma Mulholland on Holiday, thanks.

4. Look, this Seb Brown ring is way, way out of my budget, but a girl can dream, right? There’s not much more to say other than: it’s perfect and would look absolutely smashing sitting atop my finger.

5. It’s practical. It’s roomy. It’s a dress that says, “I’ve got my shit together and I’m very comfortable with that.” (It’s by Milk & Thistle.)

6. How cute are these kitschy retro mugs and saucers from Salvos Stores? Aside from being a conversation starter (which is always nice to have when you want to avoid certain topics during the Christmas period), they’re second-hand, which means they’re way more eco-friendly than your average store-bought mugs.

7. While I’d love to don my chunky, scuffed Dr Martens boots every day of the year, sometimes it’s just too darn hot (believe me – I’ve worn those beloved stompers on many 40-degree days). These vegan sandals are my compromise.

8. Sitting in a park with my mates (sun shining, ice-cold bev in one hand and cheese-topped cracker in the other) is one of my favourite pastimes. That’s why it’s kinda ridiculous that I’ve never invested in a decent picnic mat. I’m a huge animal-lover, so this safari mat by Kollab really floats my boat.

9. How many bucket hats does someone need to own before they’re officially a bucket hat collector? Because I think that, with the addition of this rad checkered Baggu bucket, I’d be there.