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frankie christmas wishlist – kelsey caruana

frankie christmas wishlist – kelsey caruana


Shopping for an outdoorsy friend? Peep our digital marketing manager’s wishlist.

Our superstar digital marketing manager Kelsey has got a rad round-up of gifts to share with you all. With spiffy athleisure wear, a comfy hammock and a stylish camping mug, her list of goodies is bound to please your outdoorsy pals.

Clockwise from top-left:

1. As a reformed vegan, I know a thing or two about dairy-free chocolate. I can declare, with absolute certainty, that Loco Love is the best chocolate ­– vegan or otherwise – in existence.

2. A hammock is basically just a bassinet for adults – you can take it anywhere, tuck yourself into it without worry of falling out, and best of all, it’ll lull you into a blissful sleep. These hammocks from Nakie pack up real small and are made from 100 per cent recycled materials.

3. I’m a long-time admirer of Agathe Sorlet’s artwork and this topless beauty really takes the cake. There’s a spot above my mantle waiting for her, just in case my Secret Santa is wondering!

4. I will defend athleisure until the day I die. Haters, say what you want on the matter, but don’t tell me that this retro rib jumper isn’t the height of sporty sophistication.

5. Dear Aesop, you get it right every time, and for that, I say thank you. This cleanser is everything my summer skincare collection needs and then some.

6. In my early-20-something-year-old eyes, owning linen sheets earns you a stripe on the belt of adulthood. This sage linen quilt cover is about as luxe as a commodity can get.

7. If I’m drinking a sub-par instant coffee when I’m out camping, I at least want to do it in style. And nothing says camping chic like this mug from Picnic Folk. Bottoms up! 

8. Why, oh why were the black leather school shoes from my childhood so darn ugly? They were clunky and chunky and scuffed to the hilt. When I came by these beautiful Mary Janes for grown-ups, I thought of 12-year-old Kelsey, whose heart would have skipped a beat rocking up to school in these. 

9. Seasonal allergies, but make it fun! I imagine owning this pretty cloud-shaped tissue box is enough to make me smile through the sniffles. Plus, its aesthetic value is out of this world. I’ll take one for every room of the house, thank you.