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frankie christmas wishlist – emma do

frankie christmas wishlist – emma do


Our lovely editor has a knack for finding super-cute goodies.

If you’re after unique gifts by local makers, then Emma Do’s got you covered. Our editor has rustled up an ace list of items (including nostalgia-inducing pieces) that are sure to impress your nearest and dearest. Peruse the goodies below.

Clockwise from top-left:

1. If you took a look at my fridge, you’d think the only people who make magnets are tradies, councils and real estate agents. Waste calendars are useful and all, but I’d much rather see Billie Justice Thomson’s fun illustrations holding up my bills. They’re available as a set direct from Billie’s website, or as individual magnets from Pinky’s Store.

2. What’s that? My tote stash is getting out of hand? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of this lovely Obus bag calling my name.

3. True story: I once tried to fashion myself a top entirely out of large safety pins. It was, as you’d expect, not the most comfortable thing to don, even if it did look kind of badass. This gold safety-pin necklace from Underground Sundae is 10 times cooler than my DIY project, and crucially, it is much less susceptible to spontaneously popping open and stabbing me in the chest.

4. Lee Lai’s comics make me weep. Every panel is worth lingering over, and I can’t wait to sit down and have my heart completely stomped on by this story about a queer couple confronting their relationship issues.

5. Hello Sisi’s custom bags bring back childhood memories of watching Sailor Moon, drooling over Morning Glory stationery and collecting Snoopy figurines from Maccas. (These are all good things, in case you were wondering.)

6. Cat Rabbit has never made a bad piece of art or craft in her life. These are simply the facts. I would gladly receive any of her creations, but I also can’t go past this adorable fried egg pin.

7. OK, fine, I am 28 years old and am still obsessed with a cartoon bunny designed for children. Sue me. (Then buy me this Miffy mug.)

8. There is a running gag in the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry’s friends call him out for his ratty towels. Let’s just say that one hit home for me (though in my defence, I agree with Larry that old towels are more absorbent). If anyone was going to buy me a towel (because let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t buy one for myself), I’d recommend they pick out this one from Shop Baina.

9. It isn’t Bridgerton that makes me want to look like a delicate Regency-era woman forever on the cusp of swooning, but this dress from Melbourne label All Is A Gentle Spring. With its empire line and hiked-up hem, it’s regal, but not impractical for today’s world.