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frankie christmas wishlist – emma do

frankie christmas wishlist – emma do


Our assistant editor has her eye on a few fine goods, and she's keen to share them with us all.

If there's a person in your life who likes prom dresses, punchy homewares and puzzles, you've certainly come to the right place. I'll admit that I'm not particularly good at choosing one aesthetic and sticking with it (life's too boring to commit to one style), but hopefully my eclectic mix of items gets your gift-giving brain ticking. If not, there'll be plenty more pressie-filled wishlists from discerning frankie staff in the weeks to come.

Clockwise from top-left: 

1. I know it’s basically summer, but I still want to stomp around in these chunky lace-up boots from Intentionally Blank. If Daria can do it, so can I.

2. This is a damn fine mug stocked by the good people at CIBI, and that’s all there is to say, really.

3. Hello, it’s Emma calling. I’ve got a grand total of two artworks on the wall and I’d like to rectify that quick smart with a cool print from Manjit Thapp. Please and thank you.

4.The only drama I want in my life is in my wardrobe. Needless to say, I’m all about this vintage tulle gown from 3WomenCo. So ’80s, so swish. 

5. It wouldn’t be a Christmas wishlist if I didn’t include something a little (ahem, a lot) out of my budget, would it? Anyone who wants to buy me this Daniel Emma chair gets to be my bestie for 2021.

6. It’s weird! It’s cute! It’s a holey handmade cushion from Cush Coma!

7. Another year, another hat! I’m digging the primary school vibes of this one from Companion Store, and love that you can flip it inside out if you feel like rocking some checks.

8. It’s nice to stare at a reassuring sparkly banner, especially when you’re having a minor freak-out. This one’s from Etsy seller Fun Cult.

9. OK, OK maybe I like houseplants now. After many years of feeling indifferent about indoor greenery, I think I’m coming around to them. At least, enough to covet this vintage-style puzzle from Happy Valley Shop.

10. A bit of delish, surrealist art on my wall? Don’t mind if I do. This print comes from Korean artist Abang.