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frankie christmas wishlist – casey schuurman

frankie christmas wishlist – casey schuurman


Our clever designer has her eye on some pretty homewares and accessories.

Trust frankie’s designer to put together an eye-pleasing list of Chrissie gifts. If you’re looking to treat a special someone who rather enjoys the lovely colour combination of pink, green and orange, then have a gander at Casey’s pickings below.

Clockwise from top left: 

1. These handy bags are so joyful, they could make even the most mundane groceries exciting. I love the ways I've seen them used as sustainable gift-wrapping on the Yes Buddy socials, too.

2. This is the artful, room-making mirror that dreams are made of – literally. (I can't be the only one who passed the time in lockdown by envisioning my dream home interior, right?)

3. Shoes, glorious shoes! It's time to replace my well-worn summer sandals and these beauties might be just the quality investment I've been looking for.

4. Anything Anna Marrone posts on Instagram stops me in my (scrolling) tracks. I'm scheming for the day I commission her for a ring of my own! 

5. I'm not much of a brand or slogan gal, but I'll sport a witty, large-pocketed, stationery-loving tote any day.

6. A patch is worth a thousand words! Sewing this beauty onto my hiking shirt might save me the precious breath needed to make it up the damn hill. Genius.

7. Now the fact I don't have a Nonna won't stand in my way when it comes to living my at-home Italian dream. Authentic, wonky-yet-delicious pasta coming right up!

8. I'm in love with the colour blocking and tactility of everything in Veikkanen's collections. I'm already imagining the best afternoon naps cushioned by these works of art.

9. When it comes to eyewear, I spend all my attention (and money) on the specs I need to see and get around. I'm well and truly overdue on acquiring some statement sunnies and I see my perfect summer companion here in Elizabeth!