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flower crowns from saudi arabia

flower crowns from saudi arabia


The 'flower men' of Saudi Arabia have been weaving petalled crowns long before they became a manic pixie dream girl accessory.

Floral headpieces often make people think of middle-class white ladies floating around in a manic pixie dream girl haze, and to be honest these gals have hogged the garlands for too long. We just love this photo series of ‘flower men’, descendants of the Tihama and Asir tribes of Saudi Arabia who have donned petal crowns for years. They make wreaths and garlands from fresh flowers every day to sell at the markets, and weave various herbs and delicate posies into each stunning piece. The designs are created to match the traditional colours and style of a tribe – some men even dye their beard with henna to complete the look. Beaut. 

Photos by Eric Lafforgue.