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everyone's favourite 2020 motto is an art print

everyone's favourite 2020 motto is an art print


It's basically poetry.

Nothing quite sums up 2020’s unique lows like the polite request issued by a Japanese amusement park in May this year. The folks at Fuji-Q Highland park in Tokyo were simply asking thrill-seekers to refrain from screaming on rides in order to limit the spread of Covid-19, but their rather unique safety video, involving two emotionless men riding a rollercoaster in complete silence, immediately went viral for its final request: ‘Please scream inside your heart’.

Although the English translation of the Japanese phrase is very literal (and technically bad), the internet has stuck with it. And look, we're into it. These five words feel weirdly poetic in a year where we’ve lived through a pandemic, bushfires, a nightmarish US election and just about every other extreme emotional event. It's both dark and hilarious, and although we're very ready to put 2020 behind us, we're glad Tigersheep Friends (aka Sarah and Colin Walsh) have turned this timeless mood in a nicely-designed art print. If you know someone who'd appreciate having it on their wall, nab one for around $17 over here