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eco-friendly dinnerware for kids

eco-friendly dinnerware for kids


Tools for tots.

When Steph Caldwell had a baby last year, she didn’t expect to find herself sharing frustrations with Goldilocks. And yet, when she sat down to feed her tot her first solids, the utensils were always too big or too small, not to mention mighty tricky to hold on to. Enter Bloomware: her line of bamboo bowls, plates, cutlery and cups that are carefully designed to make mealtimes a breeze. They’re also eco-conscious and sleek as all get-out – visit for dinner sets in swish colours like clay, olive, stone and ‘rosie’. (The sets range from $21 for a basic bowl and spoon to $44 for the full shebang.)

This lovely set of dinnerware comes straight from the pages of frankie 103. Head here to find your closest stockist, pick up a copy from our online store or subscribe from $59.50.