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diy pom pom koalas

diy pom pom koalas


Is this not the cutest pom pom you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Koalas may look cuddly, thanks to their fuzzy fur, fluffy ears, and penchant for hugging trees, but the little fellows’ sharp claws and teeth are not made for snuggling. That’s why we prefer to admire the native critter from a distance (even more so now that they’re considered endangered). But, if you're really in need of a cuddle and you’re feeling crafty, you could always try your hand at whipping up a pom pom koala or two.

These yarn koalas by the creative types at Pom Maker are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, and certainly won’t try to climb you when you give them a hearty embrace. Pop over to the Pom Maker website for the full instructions, or watch the tutorial below.