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diy coffee filter garland

diy coffee filter garland


Turn some plain old coffee filters into a pretty decoration.

They stain all shades of brown when you use them for their traditional purposes, but did you ever consider staining coffee filters with pretty colours instead? Neither had we, until we came across this nifty little project idea from 31 Bits.

Quite simply, you get a bunch of coffee filters, fill a spray bottle with water and food dye, spray the coffee filters, let them dry, then string them together with a length of yarn. And there you have it – a fluffy, colourful garland to decorate any space you please. Or person. (We won’t be held responsible if you choose to decorate a stranger, though – that’s on you.)

This post was originally published on June 29th, 2016, but we thought we'd remind you of its crafty brilliance once more.