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digicam love

digicam love


Appreciating the forgotten era of digital point-and-shoot cameras.

Oh how times change. When the digital revolution first hit the camera market in the early 2000s, we were all enamoured with the ability to snap thousands of frames on one little device. The instantaneous ability to see what we’d shot, no more costly trips to the film lab – what a world! Then came the smart phone and the stress of digital clutter reached a peak (why is it so hard to just press delete?). Suddenly, analog cameras, with their manual film forwarding and lush colours were romantic again.

Somewhere in this current retro revival is Digicam Love, a blog dedicated to celebrating the first generation of ‘uncool’ digital cameras. You remember the ones – family friendly, battery operated, and with little digital screens. Though early digital cameras are often derided for their inferior capabilities, these images prove that a good photo is not so much about the tool in hand but how you use it. 

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