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claire inc designer vintage

claire inc designer vintage


Claire Inc stock designer wares from the '70s till the '90s, showing that vintage threads can be super nice without the fear of mothballs and yellowed hemming.

Vintage clothes don't always have to equate to mothballs, yellowed hemming and styles that probably weren't even popular back in ye old days.

Claire Inc is an online vintage store that stocks primarily designer wares from the '70s till the '90s, pretty much guaranteeing the stitching won't be coming loose, the sleeves won't be riddled with cigarette burns and, no matter what, it's style that surpasses time and will look as spiffy now as it did in 1978.

Just because we're talking old-school Chanel doesn't mean we're talking entire pay cheques either: some of their stock is pretty well priced (around the $100-200 mark) whereas other items might require a little more penny pinching. Check them out here.