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cj hendry’s drawings of paint

cj hendry’s drawings of paint


CJ Hendry is a self-taught artist from Brisbane who does super-realistic drawings of paint globs (among other things).

Believe it or not, these images are drawings. Yep, good, old-fashioned drawings, rendered by hand. Remarkable, eh? They’re the work of Brisbane artist CJ Hendry, who’s entirely self-taught, and actually expected to end up in working in finance (she was studying a commerce degree when her passion for art took over). “I was under the impression that going to university and doing a hard degree with a well paying job would satisfy me,” she says. “I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

CJ teamed up with fancypants French fashion designer Christian Louboutin to create this series, entitled Complimentary Colours, but she’s done heaps more super-realistic drawings, many of which you can check out on her Instagram. (You can see videos of her doing these drawings over there, too.)