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chafe no more

chafe no more


Megababe's anti-friction sticks will have you prepped for oncoming summer chafing.

Bike riders! People with thighs and sweat glands! Megababe’s anti-chafe products are here to vanquish the uncomfortable, burny friction our bodies subject us to when we’re just trying to go about our day. For about $20 you can nab the Thigh Rescue stick, which soothes skin using a bunch of nice stuff like aloe, grapeseed oil and vitamin E. Meanwhile, the Bust Dust (around $23) takes care of any boob sweat that threatens to seep through your duds. Cheers to that! 

These nifty supplies come straight from the pages of frankie 97. Head here to find your closest stockist, pick up a copy from our online store or subscribe from $59.50.