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bay leaf and vanilla ice-cream

bay leaf and vanilla ice-cream


A fancy version of your favourite frosty treat.

It can be hard to satisfy a baking urge over summer. Ovens are hot, if you haven’t heard, and there are few recipes that call for half a cup of accidental brow sweat. We’ve got the perfect solution for you: try your hand at making this ice-cream! The duo behind Love & Olive Oil have created this recipe that puts a twist on the classic vanilla. The key is to use fresh bay leaves – none of those dried flaky boys living in the back of your pantry.

This will be sure to impress friends and family a bit more than scraping out the frost-coated Homebrand tub of ice-cream you bought last summer. You’ll need an ice-cream machine for this one, but what are post-Christmas sales for if not to pick up some heavily discounted kitchen gear? Peep the full recipe over here.

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