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assemble with care

assemble with care


An eye-pleasing game about fixing things (and people).

There’s certainly no shortage of action-packed, button-mashing smartphone games out there. If you, however, find yourself drawn to a slower experience, you might be interested in checking out Assemble with Care.

Made by the studio behind the awesome Monument Valley, it’s a game that places equal emphasis on storyline, gameplay and visuals. The premise? You play Maria (hoorah! A female lead!), a globe-trotting antique restorer who arrives at the sun-soaked town of Bellariva to help the townspeople save their beloved possessions and, in the process, put themselves back together.

It’s a puzzle game at heart, but with a thoroughly enjoyable storyline and rad ‘80s-inspired soundtrack to back it up. Have a peek at the nostalgic visuals from the game below, or download it on Apple Arcade if you please.

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