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a throne for your kitty

a throne for your kitty


A practical resting place for your moggie.

You probably sit on a couch most nights, but have you considered your cat might want to know this simple pleasure on its own, miniature sofa? HAVE YOU?! Well, chill out, because the designers behind work in progress have created a couch for your kitty that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical: the cushions are in fact scratch pads, to satisfy the feline craving to shred everything.

The brand describes themselves as “queer, as in both gay and weird” which we love. They work with a range of designers and collaborators, and chose their name “because, we all, as humans, are always developing and growing”. Currently, the shop ships mainly within the US and Canada, but their FAQs invite direct contact if you really want to get your hands/paws on a cat couch.