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a spooky radio experience for halloween

a spooky radio experience for halloween


In the mood for thrills and chills? Darkfield radio is a thoroughly spooky experience.

It’s a tradition to queue up the horror flicks at this time of year, but if you’re on the hunt for a new kind of thrill, you might want to check out Darkfield. The best scary movies prove that the monster is most terrifying when out of sight, so Darkfield does away with visuals all together. The spooky audio-theatre experience happens only through your earphones – you plug in, close your eyes and, if all goes to plan, emerge from a 20-minute journey gripping your chair. 

There are two broadcasts streaming this week: Double, a story about Capgras delusion where sufferers are convinced their loved ones are replaced by dangerous lookalikes, and Visitors, an encounter with a ghostly couple. If you’re curious, you’ll find all the details over here.