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a shaggy resting place for your mug

a shaggy resting place for your mug


Please enjoy these teeny-tiny egg carpets.

Are mugs inanimate objects that don't have feelings? Yes. Does that stop us from imagining that they get cold and might therefore appreciate a shaggy rug to cosy up with? No, it sure doesn't. If your mind works in similar ways (and if you've got a tabletop in need of protection) may we suggest this fried egg coaster.

Brought to you by Zeyu Studio in Berlin, it’s the perfect brekkie-themed resting place for your morning cuppa. Each tiny carpet is handmade using a tufting gun, and no two 'eggs' are the same. Zeyu also makes colourful, psychedelic rugs in all shapes and sizes (these look like spilled paint), so visit her Etsy shop or Instagram to see more.