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a long list of quick little pick-me-ups

a long list of quick little pick-me-ups

A hug, a cheese toastie and a flying squirrel could be on your path to a better day.

When your overall mood can only be described with bleak, nondescript sounds — like “meh, “blah” or “blarrrrrrrgh” — it can feel like good vibes are totally out of reach. We don’t blame you; there’s a lot going on in the world these days! But feeling a little better doesn’t have to be super-complicated or time-consuming. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up (or two or three or four), we’ve gathered a few fun, easy-peasy things you can do to soothe your brain, nourish your bod and warm your heart.

Age ain’t nothing but a number, folks, so why should little ones have all the fun when it comes to food? Try noshing on a snack that brought you joy as a kid — sausage rolls, fairy bread, cheese toasties, vegemite soldiers, heart-shaped pancakes or even that rad pasta shaped like dinosaurs. Feeling extra-brave? Whip out some popping candy for a mouthful of fizzy delight (beware the sugar-high, though!).

To-do lists can feel overwhelming when they’re about annoying stuff, like paying bills, or confronting your landlord about the gross fungus creeping up your bathroom wall. But a list of easy-peasy tasks you actually want to do will give you a quick hit of accomplishment without the hassle. Here’s ours: eat a biscuit. Tick. Take two deep breaths. Tick. Draw a smiley face on an egg. Tick. Savour the feeling of crossing everything off your to-do list. TICK.

Let’s wax poetic for a sec: how awesome does it feel to have skin as soft as a baby’s bum and dewy as a gumleaf at sunrise? Tending to your skin won’t answer all your problems, but it sure as heck feels nice. If you’re keen to tackle your doldrums with a skincare sesh, the nature-loving folks at RAWW Cosmetics make a Dew Drop Hydrating Serum, which combats dryness and redness with superfood goodness (including wildberries, aloe vera and nori extract). Your epidermis will thank you.

We’ve got nothing against shoes; they protect our tootsies from the elements, after all. But they do prevent us from reveling in one of life’s greatest pleasures: squishing our toes into soft, tickly grass. Betcha you feel better just imagining it, right? Touching the earth with your feet is such a sure-fire pick-me-up, there’s even a fancy term for it: grounding. Swing by the nearest green patch, pull off your kicks and relish those yummy, earthy vibes.

Dancing is super-good for you; science says so. If you want to amp up the excitement, turn it into a game. Type the first letter of your name into the Spotify search bar and shake your groove thang to the most random song that comes up — whether it’s obscure Swedish death metal or Gregorian chant. Compete with a mate to see who can find the weirdest way to boogie.

Look, we don’t make the rules; it’s a truth universally acknowledged that ogling teeny-tiny animals (preferably chubby ones with huge eyes) will put a smile firmly on your dial. We’d wager a huge hunk of online activity is just people going “omfg, check out this GIF of a puppy falling asleep.” Need to feel better, stat? Click here for squee-worthy snaps of Japanese flying squirrels.

The cool thing about doing something nice for someone else is that you get to feel good, too. It’s two pick-me-ups for the price of one. A few ideas we love: post a funny card to your nan, let someone ahead of you in the coffee queue, give a friend an out-of-the-blue compliment, pick flowers on a walk and make a tiny bouquet for your neighbour, or donate some moolah to a cause you care about.

You know you’re getting a really, really, really good hug when you can feel it down to your toes. It’s one of the easiest ways to lift your spirits (and totally free, by the way). Reach for someone you love — a pal, a partner, a pet — and give them a full-body squeeze that shows how much you care. If you don’t have anyone handy, give yourself a hug. You deserve it.

This mood-boosting list was put together with the help of our pals at RAWW Cosmetics, a skincare and makeup brand using skin-loving, clinically proven superfoods like kakadu plum and acai berry. If you’re keen to get your mitts on some Aussie-made, cruelty-free goodies, pop by the RAWW Cosmetics website or take a gander at the range at your local pharmacy.