ghostpatrol exhibition

10:00am Sunday, 13 May. by georgia frances king

Ghostpatrol can see into the future.

shaun tan

10:00am Sunday, 06 May. by georgia frances king

Shaun Tan is a Perth born, Melbourne residing artist and film maker, renowned for his children's illustrations and incredible creative vision. Oh, and he's won an Oscar (last year for the short animated film The Lost Thing) and was a concept artist for WALL-E. No biggie.

art melbourne giveaway

3:00pm Wednesday, 02 May. by georgia frances king

Whether you want to decorate your walls with a bit of pizzazz, chat to some of your favourite arty-types or see what the galleries have in store, you'll get lost in Art Melbourne's maze of creativeness and never want to come out.

contemporary australia: women

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Apr. by georgia frances king

Contemporary Australia: Women opens this weekend at Queensland Art Gallery with a proverbial, colourful bang.

frances & francis

9:00am Thursday, 12 Apr. by jo walker

We like these guys not because we share a namesake, but because they hand-make the kind of swoonworthy paper floral arrangements that have us questioning our regular 'no fake flowers' stance.

wiry frame

10:00am Saturday, 07 Apr. by jo walker

We have recently become a little bit obsessed with these lacquered iron bar works from German artist Sabine Finkenauer.

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