sabbatical cupboard: take a break from your life

3:00pm Saturday, 03 Nov. by jo walker

Introducing The Sabbatical Cupboard – a project that explores the idea of disconnecting from the internet, social media and all forms of digital communication by locking it away from your twitching fingertips.

jelle martens' in the quivering forest

10:00am Sunday, 21 Oct. by georgia frances king

Why is it that triangles seem to be the most popular shape at the moment? Their holy trinity of obtuse angles certainly outweigh its counterparts in the art, tattoo and religious-reference stakes, and we haven't the foggiest why.

dog doodlings

3:00pm Wednesday, 10 Oct. by holly mccauley

How darling is this print, Pooch In Pucci? Because every pup deserves a little bit of a pamper every now and then, right?

rosita bonita illustrations and jewellery

3:00pm Monday, 01 Oct. by georgia frances king

Rosita Bonita's range of rockabilly-ish illustrations and jewellery fuse Day of the Dead colour schemes with seahorses, which is definitely up our alley.

signed & numbered birthday giveaway

3:00pm Friday, 28 Sep. by georgia frances king

Signed & Numbered is turning two and to celebrate they're giving away some art to you!

art & about sydney

3:00pm Wednesday, 19 Sep. by georgia frances king

To see all of Art & About's awesomeness, we'd probably have to take the whole month off work, pack a suitcase-sized bag of scroggin and consume a lot of caffeine.

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