berkley dapper animal illustrations

9:00am Sunday, 09 Dec. by georgia frances king

There are some seriously under-loved animals in the art world. Take the sea otter for an example: possibly one of the most profound, utterly adorable creatures but they're often overshadowed by things that swim with a little more grace, like those god-dammned dolphins.

sean morris gallery opening

3:00pm Wednesday, 05 Dec. by jo walker

We are very much in like with the works of Perth artist Sean Morris, so it's a bit exciting to hear his first Melbourne solo show is opening this week.

cake piping street art by shelley miller

9:00am Wednesday, 28 Nov. by jo walker

Most of us find cake-decorating stressful at the best of times. Imagine, then, using cake decorating techniques on a whole wall.

danielle krysa collages

9:00am Saturday, 24 Nov. by georgia frances king

Most of our primary school collages comprised of torn tissue paper stuck onto a piece of butcher's paper with glitter glue pens. Danielle Krysa's snipped, stitched and painted pieces are a little better than that.

art series hotels giveaway - the overstay

9:00am Thursday, 22 Nov. by georgia frances king

Art Series Hotels are graciously giving a lucky reader duo a night's free accommodation - except if no one checks in, then you don't have to check out. Who knows how long you'll be able to stay for a perpetual sleep in?

the yellow button studio

3:00pm Wednesday, 07 Nov. by georgia frances king

Yellow seems to be the colour of the day here in frankie land! Not only do we have rad pendants from Yellow Owl Workshop, but now also have sweet art prints from Yellow Button Studio.

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