iris scott's oil finger painting

3:00pm Thursday, 13 Jun. by frankie

Artist Iris Scott paints exclusively with her fingers, and our minds are a wee bit blown by the level of detail in her pieces.

artist interview - labokoff

3:00pm Saturday, 08 Jun. by frankie

Experimenting with the link between painting and photography, this talented lady walks the line between the real world and imagination, dreams and reality.

brianda fitz-james stuart illustrations

9:00am Thursday, 06 Jun. by frankie

She might sit on the creative team for Spanish fashion label La Casita de Wendy, but it's the prints that get Brianda Fitz-James Stuart all jittery with excitement.

doug bloodworth's photorealistic oil paintings

9:00am Sunday, 02 Jun. by frankie

Doug Bloodworth's lifelike brushstrokes remember a time when entertaining yourself involved comic books and strawberry milk, instead of smart phones and bacon-flavoured everything.

artist interview - sandra dieckmann

3:00pm Saturday, 25 May. by sophie kalagas

Sandra Dieckmann's art is best viewed while wearing a spirit hood and howling at the full moon. Maybe in a dark forest. During the winter solstice.

caitlyn murphy's hand drawn delights

9:00am Friday, 24 May. by holly mccauley

Caitlyn Murphy is a Toronto-based illustrator and we're supremely digging her visual loveliness.

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